10 Best Restaurants in Milwaukee

  1. BEST SUSHI: Kanpai is located in the artistic Historic Third Ward, just south of downtown. I have tried several sushi restaurants in the Milwaukee area and Kanpai surpasses them based on atmosphere, service, and the quality of food. Making a reservation is extremely easy and can be done online through their website. The busiest time for this restaurant is in the late evening. One of my favorite rolls is the Dragon’s Den, which is served with flaming that gives the sushi a bold char flavor. So delicious! If you are a sushi fan, you would not be disappointed. o
  2. BEST MEXICAN (Tie): Cempazuchi and Riviera Maya. Beginning with Cempazuchi, it is located on the quirky and vibrant Brady Street on the East Side. The interior is painted in every direction with murals, colors, and decor from Mexico. The restaurant   incorporates a twist on Mexican cuisine from their enchiladas to their salsa, which contains peanuts! If you are willing to explore the menu, you will be pleasantly surprised about the ingredients incorporated in the dish. My favorite item to order is the Enchiladas Suizas which are stuffed with zucchini, a flavorful fresh green sauce and on a bed of cauliflower, beans, and chickpeas. Words cannot describe how happy this dish makes me! I tried this dish years ago when I was a vegetarian. It can be very difficult for a vegetarian to find Mexican cuisine that does not contain meat (tacos, steak, enchiladas, torts, etc.) Now that I eat meat again, I consciously choose the enchiladas seizes and refuse to deviate from them!6358019626280716651557588285_20833-1The other restaurant, Riviera Maya, is located in the eclectic neighborhood, Bayview. Their specialty is personalizing your enchiladas with a wide variety of sauces. If you love enchiladas as much as I do, select enchiladas with different kinds of salsa and share with friends. The meals are well proportioned and a favorite spot among locals.Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 8.49.16 PM
  3. BEST RESTAURANT W/ SPORTS BAR: Jack’s American Pub
  4. BEST ITALIAN: Rustico
  5. BEST AMERICAN (Tie): A.J. Bombers and Soleman’s
  6. BEST MILWAUKEE EXPERIENCE (Tie): The Safe House (Dinner) and Milwaukee Public Market (Lunch)
  8. BEST BARBECUE (TIE): Smoke Shack (Lunch) and Carson’s (Dinner)
  10. BEST INDIAN (TIE): Maharaja (Dinner) and Cafe India (Lunch)

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